Introduction to Web Hosting

Website hosting is an integral part of a webiste development as it is important to give website a space on server so that website should be available all the time. A comprehensive web hosting package can do wonders for your website and make it extremely competitive.
Indi-IT is committed to fulfil the web hosting demands of their clients in a best possible way. Since we have made extensive websites on various portfolios, we provide number of web hosting options to the clients. We procure such website hosting packages to our clients which includes all kind of advance features and user friendly control panel.

Domain Registration

Helping our clients with providing reasonable domain registration to their website is the first set of things that is accomplished by us after the website development stage. We take utmost care for the domain name of our client's website. Website is hosted on our server during the development stage. Domain name depends on the type of organization and these kind of extensions are used such as .co, .com, .org , .edu and also country specific domain names.

Our Shared Hosting

When website is hosted with other websites through the same server, then it is called as shared web hosting. As we develop numerous website, few websites meet their hosting demands through shared web hosting. Such website can enjoy the facilities and features of shared web hosting. We can even upgrade the hosting plan as per user's requirement.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated web hosting plan hosts a website dedicatedly on a server. Dedicated web hosting is an advanced and flexible web hosting service. By providing dedicated web hosting to our clients, we let them control their website through a dedicated server.


Our web hosting partners provide virtual private server hosting as well. Although this kind of web hosting is bit expensive than the other hosting techniques, but it is very secured and easily manageable and administered from the client end.