Push notification

Rules to Implement for Creating The Best Push Notification for Mobile App

The design and the language of the message which they want to put across, the online business marketers always need to be careful. They fail to communicate with the audience as they lose attention if the marketers neglect this important aspect.

People shifted from desktop to mobile browsing as time evolved from analog clocks to smartwatches. For conveying the useful information to your audience, looking at the recent increase in mobile internet usage.

Installing an app and forgetting about it is easy with the amount of space in mobile phones and the amount of data which is processed each day. To remind them of your existence, the push notifications enable you this.

The importance of the push notification and how to create push notifications that engages your client as an online business owner or a marketer.

Cashing on the Scarcity

You give your client/customers information about what they will gain by doing business with you on your website and mobile app. It is better to mention what your customers will lose in case they do not avail the offer right away for push notification.

People will not pay attention to it and treat it as spam if you have a simple push notification. To perform a certain task, provide an urgent reason. As they are driven by the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect, they are more likely to do it.

On their product page, this same technique is widely used by e-commerce websites. On the product page, most of you must have seen “Limited Stock available”. To make the purchase immediately is what drives the customer. For your push notification, use a similar technique.

Being Concise

Push notifications with less than 25 characters have a higher conversion rate than the longer messages for both the iOS and Android devices with push notifications with less than 25 characters.

Their attention span has also reduced a great deal as innovative technology is making things easier for people. People avoid getting bombarded with long messages. To convince them they rather prefer to have short and to the point messages.

People read blogs, marketing emails, and other promotional messages from the business throughout the day. They entice the customers to take the desired action in a few seconds as push notifications should be planned accordingly.

It is being 8 seconds with the average attention span of a normal human being. You have mastered the art of creating good push notifications if you can convince your audience to perform the action in the given time.

Going ahead with personalization

The following proves the importance of personalization for customers.

66% of marketers said that they struggle with personalization according to a study.

Personalization is stated to be highly crucial according to 71% of the marketers.

Personalized marketing emails delivering 6x higher transaction rate according to research by Marketing Land.

To send personalized push notifications, coming back to the how-to, using device ids or leveraging on user data which is an effective way. Through this manner, it will be helping you to resonate your message in every way.

Netflix is one of the best brands which are using this technique to keep people engaged and updated.

Netflix sends push notifications around their sci-fi content when their user data shows that a subscriber prefers watching sci-fi based movies/series.

By incorporating the customer’s name in the push notification which you send is another effective way to personalize a message.

Adding a human touch

You cannot do so by filling your message with marketing words while you want your audience to see your push notifications and perform the CTA immediately.

As if you are reaching out to a friend and encouraging her to perform the given CTA is the best way to engage the audience to your push notifications is by adding a human touch to the message.

According to the niche of your online business, some of the ways to bring a human touch are by adding emoticons. Use humor or a common movie reference to attract your customers to the app is appropriate for your business.

Timing it well

When their audience is most active marketers already know that they should be aware of the time window. During that time they should upload blogs or social media posts.

You can analyze at what time maximum people prefer to use your app by analyzing your app’s traffic data. You can also determine the time to send a push notification to reap optimum benefits from this data.

Leveraging upon send-time optimization can help in increasing the push notification conversion by as much as 38% according to research by Appboy.

The average click rates on push notifications are as follow though it is best to base your push notification time on the user data:

  • 3% in the morning
  • 7% in the afternoon
  • 6% in the evening


When they design and conceptualize a push notification marketers have to take extra care. To reach their mobile audience it is the best and direct way. As it should not be treated as spam by the audience, marketers must strategize every aspect of push notification.

So that the message is delivered to the user clearly and efficiently check the content, design, timing, and emotion of a push notification.