Repurposing Your Content on Social Media in creative ways!

It softens a daunting task for the SMEs with limited resources in creating a steady flow of fresh content. Many businesses use to republish their content across different platforms to increase their reach to counter them all. It is no longer an ideal solution in the current market dynamics.

Repurposing the content is the best way forward

Content repurposing involves reusing a piece of content in different ways across different marketing channels unlike republishing which is basically publishing the same content on different web platforms.

You give a previously written piece of content a new look and feel as per the nature and audience of the targeted channel when re-purposing content.

It helps in bringing more traffic to your website as it only allows you content to reach the maximum target audience.

Social media certainly offers a very appealing platform to repurpose your content with over 2 billion monthly active users across different social networks.

Questions to ask prior to planning for content repurposing

  • Can all the blog contents be repurposed?

No this is not possible. Only focus on the content that is akin to the current trends just like recycling older clothes. Due to new technologies, do not repurpose articles whose information has become redundant.

  • Should the earlier content that obtained good traction be repurposed?

This is a misconception and you should not get affected through this. if you think it is something which is valuable for your target audience then you should repurpose it whether a content piece performed well earlier or not.

  • Is the new blog post be repurposed?

Yes, this is possible!

It is not always that you get the content ideas. Go ahead and repurpose it across multiple channels if you have written something valuable.

The following are the ways in which you can repurpose your content across multiple social networks.

Creating a presentation

Better engagement is created through visual content. Creating a presentation based on it is one of the best and the easiest ways to repurpose the content.

Share the content on the websites like SlideShare and Scribd as you need to extract the main points of an article and place them in presentation slides in bullet points.

This also makes it easier for the readers to consume information by converting 15-20 minutes long blog into 2-5 minutes crisp slideshow and not only does it allow the same content to bring in traffic from multiple channels.

Reposting infographics on social media websites

On social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, most of the bloggers like to share their articles. Social media nowadays is all about the quick reactions although it is a good practice.

A rich media rather than links to articles in their timeline as users on the social networks these days prefer rich media.

To create an infographic based on the data and points which are mentioned in the article and sharing it across relevant social networks which include, Flickr, Scribd, and Slideshare is what the best content repurposing approach would be.

One of the best ways to share any form of information as they allow brands to engage and convert better the infographics are considered as such.

You can also share the infographic on your blog additionally. Between posting the original article and the infographic, just make sure that there is some time gap.

Resharing content on social media with different titles

For any type of article one cannot argue with the importance of the headlines/titles. Between a reader and the article itself, it is the first point of interaction and is pretty much which makes or breaks the engagement for the content.

You must know that creating headlines sometimes can be a headache especially when you are trying to target every segment of the target audience equally as a content creator. With one segment and not the other it is quite possible with a certain title clicks.

To achieve that feat with a single content piece repurposing content allows you this. For the post which you are planning to share on social media, creating different titles.

They simply focus on different target audience segments as these titles can be based on different ideas. This way you will be getting a wider user base with equal effectiveness.

Creating separate social updates based on individual sections in posts

There are several sections, data points, ideas, and thoughts when it comes to a blog post. On a unique idea or address a distinct query which can be re-used as specifically targeted social media updates these individual sections of the blog post are as such.

Article plugging in forums, comments and Q/A

To offer information about a particular topic is what the main purpose of your blog posts are. In the online discussion forums, Q&A Websites and comments make perfect sense while plugging your articles. This is nothing simple though it sounds so.

Not just spamming them with links to your articles, you must adhere to the rules of that online community. You need to start a conversation and then discuss their queries and lastly mention your article as a solution is what the right approach is.

The chances of conversion increase exponentially through this approach if it is done properly. Like Quora, Reddit and even Facebook & Twitter, there are numerous websites to experiment this.

Helping them through your article you need to look for the users having queries related to what your content talks about.

To conclude

Just publishing an article is not considered ideal in the current content climate. You need to get your content in front of your target audience as you need to get out of your bubble.

You should take your blog to your readers as it is generally said if your readers are not coming to your blog.

You do not need to work upon a new idea from scratch is what the best part about content re-purposing is. You can easily increase the reach of your content by using these re-purposing strategies on social media.