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Proven Tactics on How to Use Snapchat for Marketing Purposes

In the past year, Snapchat has made more headlines than any other social network. Snapchat has opened new gateways for marketers to engage users at a whole new level as stories, geo-filters, and spectacles are all added with its unique innovations.

Snapchat is not all-purpose social media platform yet the casualness and novelty of the platform and the short shelf life of its content make it a favorite among users like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

With the recent implementation of Snapchat’s story-like feature across all its social apps, the ongoing buzz around this relatively new social network has made even the industry giant Facebook scratching its heads.

Snapchat’s constantly increasing user base also makes it a solid social platform for the marketers to try their hands on besides innovative features. Snapchat’s monthly active user base has already reached 158 million by the end of 2016.

The following are few tips on how the marketers can add Snapchat to their social media marketing strategy and leverages upon its innovative features to generate better customer engagement.

Get a Completely New Edge with Snapchat

To lure the customers, brands offer discounts, gift vouchers, promo codes, etc. when all your competitors are doing the same, how do you stand out? You will get a completely new edge with Snapchat.

For promoting giveaways and offers, as there is naturally a sense of urgency to the platform as they short shelf-life of content on Snapchat makes it a great medium. For the offered discounts and giveaways, brands can create a series of snaps or sponsored stories and share them with their target customers in the most organic way.

Shaking hands with the influencers

As by nature, customers find it more trustworthy as the casualness of Snapchat also makes it a powerful influencer marketing tool.

It all generates a higher level of engagement than the other social media platform with a regular promotional campaign on Snapchat. The results are bound to be better when it is coupled with a celebrity or a social influencer in the community.

Sharing behind the scene moments of your brands

On any other social media network such as the video clips of product designing/production work, brainstorming meetings, events, and other behind the scene moments as Snapchat is the best platform to share unique and surprising content that your followers cannot find.

For going pixel-perfect in what you share on Snapchat as the content will not stick to your profile forever as there is no pressure.

Launch of products through stories

It allows you to create free and informal videos which are one of the key benefits of using Snapchat for branding. To share your products launches and short video tutorials on how to use your product, that makes it an ideal platform.

This approach is one of the best ways to promote your product on social media as it allows personal interaction and helps you to build deeper relationships with the customers being real-time and practical. To get feedback from customers about your newly launched product as this is a good way.

To Conclude:

Make sure that you plan your social media marketing campaign creatively and with out of the box ideas if your brand has decided to be on board with Snapchat.

Making marketing on it a unique practice, Snapchat features are not as similar to that of the other social media platforms. The sense of personal connection that Snapchat provides makes it a more engaging platform given you use it creatively on the other hand.