Tips to Push Your SEO in 2019

SEO is a vital long-term investment to grow their business for many business owners. SEO can attract new customers through higher placement on Google search results when executed properly. Your competitors are likely taking your place and ultimately your business if your business cannot be found using the relevant search terms.

By staying on top of emerging SEO trends help give your business a competitive edge.

Create In-Depth Authority Content

Write an in-depth analysis of the topic which is drawn from your research and expertise and choose a topic that your customers care about. For top ranking content in Google search results, about 2,000 words are the sweet spot.

Google prefers a regularly updated site so that 3-4 pieces per week long, the in-depth content is ideal for building domain authority as we already know this.

Breaking your business down into categories of products or services which you offer is one tactic to help make this content creation more manageable. Pants, shirts, dresses and skirts, shoes and accessories for example.

You can create supporting pieces of content for each product within that range as you create one pillar piece content about that major category. Your supporting content is about dress pants, jeans, sweatpants, and leggings if your pillar content is about pants. To increase internal linking, this also provides an excellent opportunity.

E-A-T Your Content

Expertise, Authority, Trust are the key pillars of E-A-T. While creating content for your website, you can use these three principles. On the topic, leading readers to trust you over other brands in your space, every piece of content should show off your expertise and authority on the topic.

There is no room for fluff content that offers no value to your readers in a world where there are over 2 million new blog posts every day on WordPress alone.

  • Through the case studies, you need to share your expertise and look at what you do every day behind-the-scenes. Earning trust, the readers will appreciate your openness and honesty.
  • In your field show that you are an authority. Mention how long you have been in business and use active voice, list all other authoritative websites that have published your content. Mention the certifications or conferences and other meetings which you have regularly.
  • You need to maintain your reader’s trust. After the sale, it is important to continue the relationship which you have spent so much time building it up. With the other products in which they would be interested in or helpful guides in making the most out of your software or platform, you need to send a friend to follow up emails.

Main SEO Factors

  • Optimizing local landing pages and local listings with information which is valuable which adds significant values and boosts your local presence.
  • For mobile, results will become more heavily personalized. Avoid penalization with complete optimization of your website.
  • Much powerful and stronger brand mentions and citations. Be treated and act like a brand and a brand by Google.
  • Factoring user experience with social signals. It is more about building relationships when it comes to search rankings and they are less about technical strategies.
  • The marketing approach should be holistic. To create messaging that is ideal for your customer, it aligns your company to create this.

Getting into the featured snippet

It is a highly valuable position to be when you enter into a featured snippet. Based on the most authoritative content for that search term, Google chooses this result.

  • For some of your most lucrative and relevant keywords and seeing which terms displays Featured Snippets run a Google Search.
  • In the featured snippet, notice which of your competitors is ranking and look at what their content is doing.
  • To target this top organic ranking, developing content. Make it unique to your business as you need to write about the same things your competitor is writing about. Why your product or service outshines the competition and anything that sets your brand apart from the rest as you need to share your own anecdotes. Remember E-A-T.
  • Add that little bit extra that your competitor did not include such as the link to case studies or testimonials, provide a FAW, share relevant blog posts or other supporting content for this topic once you take it one step further.

For a variety of rankings factors including the domain authority, page authority, mobile optimization, and security do not forget to check your competitor’s page. On these technical aspects make sure that the page which you want to rank in this space outperforms your competitor’s page.

Modify the low-quality content

Every single day, there are millions of new pieces of content that is being created on the internet. “Zombie” pages are the one where any post or page on your website does not serve your users.

Pages which are short, thin, low-quality, repetitive, etc are all included in them. Removing these pages from your site is your best course of action.

How will you do them?

  • Combine all the short and pages on the same topic into one, long, authoritative, all-inclusive guide. With the most SEO value and placing the new and improved content on this page choose the existing URL. From all the other URLs to this one, install 301 redirects.
  • Under the same umbrella perhaps you have a product or service category with many related products or services. For the broad category develop one piece of pillar content and use the targeted products/services as supporting content. In midst of all these do not forget the internal links.
  • If you have some content that cannot be repurposed in any way then it is best to delete it to avoid loading down your website on the other hand. To allow Google to know how to treat these pages you can use 301 or 410 redirects.

For yourself, your audience and Google the results will be cleaner, faster and more easily navigable.

Scheduling a photo shoot

Google demand an authentic experience on your website and that recognizes your customer not only prefers them. How your business is unique from your competitors is something that your website visitor wants to see.

SEOs preached the importance of writing content unique for your website for years. How ultimately your customers find value from your site is something which a unique content is. AI technology will make the same idea true for your website’s visuals, including photos and videos in 2019 and years to follow.

Over 80% of the internet will be visual by 2019. 2 billion photos are added across the globe every day. Use photos you own versus using stock photography is the only way to stand out from the crowd.

Google will soon force website owners to use unique photography to meet customer demand when AI technology is able to interpret images as well as humans.

By creating images, infographics, and videos for your business, you may already be riding the massive tidal wave of visual content. You may be missing a big opportunity to have your content found by potential customers if not.

Make your best visual content

Try converting your most popular content into a video or an infographic if you are looking for a way to take your content to the next level. People are looking for visual content to engage with as the internet will be 80% visual in 2019.

It can open up interesting new ways to present the information making it visual and this is a great way to get your followers to re-engage with your best content.

It is higher than the text blog as studies have shown the people recall up to 65% of visual information for three days.

More than any other type of content, people also share infographics three times. You need to provide information which is easily absorbed by your readers as people’s attention spans get shorter.

Maximizing content for backlinks

High-quality content you have a powerful asset that can be used as a guest posting opportunity to promote your website.

To get the highest authority backlinks pointing to your website, guest posting is a great way and Google adores this. As a matter of fact, 99.2% of all the top results had at least one external link which is pointing to the website.

You will have to determine where your guest posts can be best utilized for maximum viewership after you develop quality content. On spammy directories, link farming sites, or websites with low domain authority as you do not want to waste your content.

That will not put you in front of your target audience first of all. Google will be penalizing you for having terrible backlinks secondly. On websites you will want to be published which are:

  • Relevant to your business
  • Publishing high-quality content
  • It has a high domain authority

Getting a link on a high-ranking website signals to Google that your website is an authority, reliable, and its users would gain the most knowledge in your industry from it for example.

Stealing links of your competitors

It can be really intimidating in starting the backlink process. It is a huge sea when it comes to the internet. All you need to start is with your competitors.

Targeting the competitors and find out who your competitors are by using the backlinks, all you need to do is your proper research. You can steal from your competitors the betters for the more backlinks which you can steal. By surpassing them you can mimic their backlink strategy.

Examine whether the content of these publications fits with your specific product or service and make a list of the top-ranking domains that are giving your competitors backlinks.

Consider the following points as you review your competitor’s content:

  • What are the types of content which are attracting attention?
  • Listicles? Long form blog posts?
  • What approach to the images does the competitor take?
  • Are they using any infographics?
  • Are there any trends which the popular content follows?
  • Do they all have a similar word count?

You will be able to start stealing backlinks from your competitors and giving yourself a serious edge when you are armed with this information.

The Nosedive Effect which is Disavow Toxic Backlinks

It is important not to blindly go after every single link which your competitors have while doing research for backlinks.

What is the reason behind it?

This is because they could have toxic backlinks.

Not all links which are created are equal. Some can seriously do some actual damage to your SERP rankings. Quality will always be more important than the quantity in Google’s eyes. For your efforts, Google will reward you immensely. Not to create the backlinks for the sake of backlinks is what the goal is.

Having too many toxic backlinks which is same as keyword stuffing thinks of this scenario. Google recognizes that you are not serving the user when you participate in keyword stuffing.

Not to provide an optimal experience your endgame is only for a higher ranking. They will ding your rankings. To the backlinks, the same logic applies.

Google realized some websites were creating backlinks through sketchy directories leaving their website link in comments and paying for links on other sites a few years ago. This created an unfriendly user experience ultimately. Backlinks which were toxic were not rewarded so they updated their algorithm.

For any purchase decisions, 89% of consumers use search engines.

  • 71% of business purchase decisions are started with a search engine.
  • 77% of search happens at work home.
  • 55% of purchase-related conversations occur within 1 hour of the initial search.
  • 70% of users click on organic results.
  • 53% of the organic search click goes to the first link.
  • 75% of users never click past the first page.
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate while those archaic print or direct mail ads only close at a 1.7% rate.
  • Leads from search engines are 8.5 times more likely to close than standard outbound leads.
  • There are 33 million searches are the day which accounts for almost 100 billion searches per month on Google.

To Google Search Console submit your site

Search console is bringing users a completely redesigned product to help manage your site’s presence on Google Search in 2019. To provide the tools and insights that webmasters and SEOs have been asking for, the new Search Console rebuilt from the ground up.

You can make sure that your site adheres to Google’s ever-fluctuating ranking algorithm by submitting your site to Google Search Console.

Your sitemap to Google and monitoring Google’s indexation and crawl of the existing format and submitting new page content in real-time is what a qualified SEO can do.

Your site’s backlink profile on a real-time basis to ensure your website has a bulletproof SEO strategy; an SEO can also review Google’s technical audit requirements.

Start a Podcast or Video Blog

Over the last couple of years following the release of the hit crime drama “Serial” Podcasting has hit a boom over a couple of years. 50% of homes listed to podcasts as of December 2018. Podcasting has lower production requirements than the shooting videos additionally.

You can create in-depth content that potential customers can listen to anywhere as most people listen to podcasts through an app on their mobile devices so that you can be in their pocket wherever they are with a good microphone and an RSS feed.

The most important SEO Strategies of 2019

When it comes to the content management system, Word Press is the industry leader. 29% of all the websites are built using Word Press and the next closest competitor Joomla which stands at 3%.

As it is unparalleled when it comes to SEO and it is arguably the most user-friendly platform. All the basics of SEO are covered even right out of the box.

With the help of a few other strategies which you can take your Word Press SEO to the next level that said. To make sure that your Word Press site and the content are optimized to the fullest the following are some of the ways.

Noting and

When it comes to versatility, branding, and SEO, while is a decent tool for building a quick, free blog and it does not even come close to a self-hosted site.

The following are the advantages of SEO in using

    • The ability to use SEO plugins
    • Access to thousands of responsive SEO-friendly themes.
    • The ability to use Google Search Console.
    • Ability to alter the codes are required

Setting your permalink structure to static

The permalink structure in WordPress is not great for SEO or for uses by default. It is really very easy to change your default settings to something which is, even more, user-friendly.

You can also customize your individual posts URLs by modifying your slug for some additional SEO-power. Add your target keywords in the “Slug” field and simply scroll down on your post creation page. With the keywords which you choose this will replace your default URL.

In the two most important locations, title & header tags use keywords

Throughout your content, you should probably be using your keywords. A well-optimized piece of content will not simply use a single keyword again and again and this is something which you need to remember. It will include a wide variety of words and phrases related to the main topic of your post.

You will likely have one main keyword phrase which you are focusing in on. Your title tag is preferably the most important location to use this phrase. Choose to use keywords as close to the beginning of your title as possible.

What your content is all about is ensured to your readers and Google through the Headers tags. Simply by clicking on the text formatting drop-down box in your Visual Editor, WordPress makes it easy to use in the headers tags.

Your page or post titles will your H1 tag by default. Per page or post, you should have one H1.

Uploading an XML sitemap

Forgetting Google to navigate and index all your pages and posts, an XML sitemap is not strictly speaking of a necessity. They can make the process more efficient, ensuring your new content is found as quickly as possible as they can make the process more efficient.

There are some great plugins that will automatically general an XML sitemap for your WordPress site, fortunately. Google XML Sitemaps and XML Sitemaps are some of the best. Each time you add new content they will notify Google so that your sitemap will always be up to date.

The thing to note: make sure that you are not differentiating what you are telling Google and robots.txt. If you have blocked a particular page in your robots.txt file make sure that you are not including it in your sitemap for instance.

Make sure that you are all set up with Google Search Console

You might be missing out on important SEO warnings or notifications if you have not yet set up your site in Search Console.

This is where you will be notified if Google experiences issues accessing, crawling, or indexing your content. Manual actions which are leveraged against your site, this will also be where you will get to see all.

The place where you will be able to view some of the links to your site, as well as some of the keywords that drive traffic to your site, is your Search Console.

Focusing on the right content

On the ideal length for content, there has been tons of research which are done over the past few years. Higher-ranking content tends to be in the 2000+ word range is what is suggested through most of this research.

As there are many examples of content that is much shorter and which still ranks near the top of the SERPs is where the main trouble lies.

So, focus on your exact content length, focus on just writing really good content that answers the questions to what your readers are asking instead. For evaluating the optimal length of your content, here are a few great tips:

      1. Investigating what is working for your chosen keyword
        See how long the top ranking content is.
      2. To cover the topic, can I do something much better?
        Go for it if you can do so in fewer words. That is the direction which you should take if you think a longer post would do a better job.
      3. Matching content to your reader’s goals
        You should be probably answering it if they have a quick question that they need to be answered. Writing a 3000+ word post may be optimal for this particular topic if their questions are more complex.

Do you want to stick with www or not?

To bring a huge impact on your SEO, this is a quick and easy tip.

To choose their primary domain, Google urges all website owners to do so, in the Google Search Console set your preferred domain as well as in your WordPress Settings.

In your Google Search Console, you should also specify your primary domain. All you need to do is log in to your console, click on the gear icon, and go to the Search Settings in order to do so. You are all set once you choose your preferred domain.

Switching your site to HTTPS

Opt-in boxes or payment fields if your site gives your visitors the option to input text or other info through the contact form and also you need to make sure that you are using SSL.

You are therefore protected as this will ensure any sensitive personal info your visitors leave on your site is encrypted.

It is now an official SEO ranking factor as this is important for protecting your visitors’ private information. If you have not switched over to HTTPS, Google may now show a “not secured” warning to visitors when they are on pages with text input fields.

Check with your web host if you are not sure whether you have switched to HTTPS. To switch over and to be happy to help, they usually offer an easy way.

Optimizing your WordPress site for speed

It is extremely important for user experience and not only is it for the site speed and a ranking factor. It is known that as page load times increase, page abandonment increases too.

Use Google’s PageSpeed Insight Tool which is one of the best ways to determine how quickly your site loads. Giving you an overall speed rating out of 100, it will analyze your site.

Browser caching, image optimization and enabling compression are some fixes which are recommended and this will help to improve your site speed.

To tackle different aspects of your site speed, we would strongly recommend using a plugin. WP Super Cache, Smush Image Compression and Optimization and WP-Optimization are the ones which are recommended.

Links require to be built in 2019

Internal ranking factors are those on which this post focuses largely on. Yet it is still a really critical strategy for SEO in 2019 in getting external links to your site.

The links are even more important for sites which are focusing on keywords with less than 10,000 monthly searches are what SEMrush recently found out.

Throughout your site, linking to relevant content on your site helps to spread link equity and this also helps to improve user signals like the bounce rate, page views and time on site while relevant content on your site helps in this.

The indirect benefits to your site and business are really huge while user engagement may not be a direct ranking factor.

Installing the Yoast plugin

It should be this one if you really want to do something according to this list. Using the Yoast SEO plugin, many of the strategies can be covered.

For almost 10 years, Yoast SEO has been around and its creators are constantly updating it to address emerging SEO rules and algorithms.

Major SEO benefits in using this plugin:

    • Complete content optimizationYoast will make sure that you are using it in strategic locations as Yoast will ask you to choose a primary keyword for your content. So that your content is more likely to get clicked in the search engine results, it will help you to optimize your meta description.
    • Auto XML sitemapsYoast will create and submit a sitemap of all your post, pages, and even images as you simply need to check the button.
    • Auto add of links to RSS feed
      To make Google know who actually created your content, Yoast automatically adds a link to your feed.

To conclude:

Most of your ongoing SEO work will be focused on creating excellent content which attracts the links after making sure that the technical features of your WordPress site are optimized.

In 2019, all of the SEO strategies which worked last year are sure to work here too. Keep doing what you are doing if you are already ranking well.

Making sure that your site is moved over to HTTPS, is the only major shift this year.