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The Top Market Predictions for Online Business

Both financially and technologically, the year 2018 turned out to be really amazing for the e-commerce sector. We came across numerous technological turning points which changed the way people perceived e-commerce from better personalization through data analytics to e-commerce through social media to real-time customer support through the chatbots. To say the least, the competition has surely been cutthroat.

The continental drift which this industry is experiencing with the fact that many e-commerce companies have turned their focus on the Asian market. Today we have for you three major predictions which are going to be absolutely true.

Paid advertising of Facebook will rule

Facebook ads have proven to be an extremely useful marketing tool for businesses if we take a look at the current trends. Through mobile advertising in comparison to desktop, Facebook earns more revenue.

Facebook’s penetration has increased multifold due to mobile internet as the reason behind this phenomenon is simple. For the majority of business owners for paid advertising in 2019, Facebook will be the first choice.

In the coming months, this is how Facebook is going to keep its paid advertising game in full throttle and ahead of every business.

  • Native advertising: It flows seamlessly with the user’s natural journey on their Facebook account is what the best thing about native advertising is. It is all taken into consideration from news feeds to pages frequently visited personal interest. When it is done right it improves its manifold as native advertising does not hinder in user experience. As you do not get to make so much revenue without doing something right, Facebook seems to have aced its native advertising.
  • Video Ads: How much response the site gets for the ads which it shows, is the fact that Facebook has started to show ads in the middle of videos. Then the other advertisement tactics, videos have better organic reach. For the FB mobile ads, this proves that in-video ads will continue to be there. As simple as it gets, FB’s mobile advertisements deliver more revenue in comparison to desktop website advertisement and this is what the reason would be.
  • Rich and dynamic content and machine learning: The comments added by their friends and friends of friends as the videos were posted by the FB users and this all add up for rich and dynamic content. FB is able to scan the live feeds, ads, search results and also delivers the most suited results to the users. In keeping misleading content and spams at a bay, FB claims applied machine learning.

Facebook Store has already been stated by many startups and building entrepreneurs. 2019 is going to witness the next levels of paid advertising which is mastered by the social network mogul given the pace at which its popularity is spreading its roots among the masses.

Delivery and shipment of products through aerial routes

The thing of 2019 will be drone delivery. Amazon is going to make it happen on a full-time basis soon is what Jeff Bezos might have claimed but AHA, the largest online shopping marketplace in Iceland has already made it happen.

Keep one thing in mind that Jeff Bezos is known for his aggressive approach through our prediction may sound preposterous to many.

We believe that things are going to get really interesting this particular field as Amazon has already tried drone delivery in Cambridge, the UK in Dec 2016.2019 is going to be a turning point for many though we are not saying that drone delivery is going to be adopted by all the business right away.

Shipping and delivery services are also going to leverage the benefits of Big Data, Data Analytics and Machine Learning just like marketing and advertising. An issue that many e-commerce companies are struggling with it will also help in improving last mile delivery.

The remarkable change would be seen in B2B e-commerce

B2B eCommerce has been primarily focusing on transactional activities for this is what business is all about and more transactions and more revenue till now. Majority of B2B eCommerce companies had an epiphany and this is how things are going to change for good as a matter of fact…

    • Center stage will be occupied by user experience: About 90% of B2B business across the world has stated that customer/user experience is the primary driving force among all their customers according to a study by Accenture. Remarkable user experience is to be delivered by 25% of them. On the top priority list of 2019, this is going to be the time when offering consistent user experience across every channel also called Omnichannel approach.
    • Data and only Data: To extract information data is what you need. Data brings in success to the business and this eventually becomes knowledge. Getting better leads while offering an amazing user experience, B2B e-commerce is going to focus on data-driven marketing.
    • Integrated order management: To have an e-commerce platform that has integrated order management is what plenty of B2B e-commerce businesses have been trying their best at. To coordinate and synchronize customer information on a real-time basis is what the core idea is. Just in time requirements of their customers, it will help businesses in meeting other businesses. In 2019 this is how the B2B eCommerce businesses are going to run. To keep the workflow cost minimum and maximum efficiency is what the core idea would be.

To conclude:

As the coming year is going to witness even more new business and the competition will no longer revolve around how amazing your products are as we recommend all e-commerce businesses to pay attention to these predictions.

On the basis of the fact that have, an amazing product catalog is the prerequisite and users have already grown habitual is how to say all of these. Better order management, swift and awesome delivery methods, user experience and seamless data-driven marketing are what it is all about.