Intriguing Craftsmanship in Web Designing

“For the sake of both, our reputation as well as the success of our clients, a perfect Craftsmanship in web designing is what Indi IT always strives deeply for.”

We, Indi IT believe that the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to those minute details is what we call Craftsmanship. It is a similar quality which is honed, redefined, and practiced by every businessman to excel in their businesses. In other words, we can say that a craftsmanship is a difference between a Timex and a Rolex with the base of quality.

We Give Attention To Minute-Details In Web Designing

We give our sincere efforts and strive at every step to bring the finest of perfection in their work. We move on in a very minute manner over the details on which we focus and this is what really makes the difference.

We Perfectly Identify Craftsmanship In Website Functionality

We understand it very clearly and deeply what we are designing and for whom we are designing. We focus on each and every intricate object and try to showcase their functionality with perfection.

We Perfectly Identify Craftsmanship Regarding Website Design Durability

We understand it very well that how important is the showcase of the products and services which are involved in web designing. We highlight all of them with creativity to the users.

What is the Role of Craftsmanship in Web Designing?

There are only two aspects which every customer always look for and they are quickness of work and inexpensiveness. They are always in the mind of a client no matter what happens and Indi IT take care of these two aspects considerably. We showcase the products with which the client is happy with our standard tool kits, templates, and bags of snippets and tricks.

We have entered in this business to provide versatility and craftsmanship with perfection to our clients and we do it from the depth of our heart to craft a website design that would make our client go WOW great! We want to earn the image great designers with the top most quality among the users.

We Transform the Web Design With Perfection

Craftsmanship is not something that happens with just a blink of an eyelid. A lot of time, patience and efforts are required here. To the continuous design & development of your craft, you need to commit yourself. The craftsmen developed their skills through apprenticeship to those masters of the craft who came before them traditionally speaking. There are few things which we can do to emulate this process though we do not often work that way in this age.

You need to practice each day. Whatever it takes to get you working with the tools of your trade each day, you need to design something new, walk through the tutorials and work on personal project. The most important part of developing the quality of craftsmanship in your work is Practice.

Through blogs, online documents, and forums, our web workers have the expertise of hundreds of others to draw upon. We take some time each week to work on building our skill sets is critical to our craft. To further your education as a designer/developer you can use myriad of resources.

We have the expertise to learn criticism and reacting appropriately. Quality product is the same ultimate goal to you and your critics. We participate in design feedback forums, set up usability and A/B tests and also have feedbacks from other designers.

This is where all the difference is set. When the details have been attended to carefully for a website that looks beautiful is a website that prompts return visits. Small things which often go overlooked, we take time to polish and style them. The sort of details that makes all the difference is paying attention to hover states, borders, icon placement, grid alignment, microformats, semantic markup, and the like.

It is timeless for the items that exhibit the quality of craftsmanship. They are built to last and they are built well. In the work that we do, there is an extraordinary amount of mutability. People develop new tools that give us more possibilities with the trends and practices changing them rapidly. To make a website that is designed to last, progressive enhancement is to include new latest standards, looking forward to new specifications, careful attention to the best practices and a willingness to step outside the box.

Importance Of Craftsmanship In Web Designing

Indi IT believe and knows it very well that to design for the web, all you require is the craftsmanship to the largest extent if you want to stay alive in this digital world. We with our craftsmanship strive for making the best designs and with our unique work we express care for our users. We keep in mind how our created web designs are seen by others and we know it very well that our client’s success and reputation are all depend on us tremendously.

So, craftsmanship is not that easy available and moreover, it is expensive as compared to normal designing as well. Indi IT works with the deadline and we know that it takes time to do the things right and on time. We are the one who can make you to know the fine little details that brings the difference between a good website design and a great website design.

At present, mediocrity is not a part of the web designing anymore and everyone wants to excel with more. So, for making great designs and making them more attainable on the web, we need particular tools. We know there is always a chance to improve and we know that a good design process can be horribly inefficient when we interact with our designers.

Expertise in Web Designing and Development

For the expertise you need to take pride in your job if you want to build better value and feel rewarded in your work. Just be attentive for your work, doesn’t matter if you don’t know the first step to being a better craftsman.

We, Indi IT as a designer, heartily take pride in our work whether the subject is close to our heart or not. We care for our work and client and give our best to provide the artistic quality that the client is looking for.

We handle our projects with diligent care in a positive way. We keep a check on the practice, presentation and we move on in a positive way. We love our craft from the depth of our heart and this is how Indi IT delivers with authority.

Organizing and Naming Website Design

At present, stiff competition is prevailing in the digital industry but still there are designers in the market who do not pay attention to name the file, organization or conventions. It is a serious issue of craftsmanship that nobody bothers about. On the other hand, Indi IT takes care of this issue on a serious note. We are not the ones who just start web designing without taking any measures beforehand. We follow each and every step attentively to deliver you the best designs.

This approach looks more efficient and appears more professional in web designing. We take care of labeled files and project structures properly.
While working with larger organizations, we create a sensible layer structure and an easy-to-understand internal documentation and mostly people find themselves surprised to find the pleasant unique information in an easy way. This is where Indi IT makes the difference in a big way.

Using Purposeful Alignments & Follow Guides

There are so many essential tools in the web designing and we take them into account considerably. The tools like to calculate alignments, flushing text and images, checking your measurements, and Guide, we give our attention specifically to while designing.

We work with consistency and this is the thing that is always required by the customer and it provides the beauty to the design as well. It looks more complete and solid when your design is planned and consistent. Moreover, it looks more beautiful when it gives a symmetrical appearance. Always take care while designing and be sure to create gutters, margins, and spacing setups to lay out elements clearly. Indi IT takes these points into consideration before designing simultaneously.

To find a relative unit of measurement, you need to make it sure that the spacing and alignment consistently uses that unit and for that you need to have extra time.

Rendering and Identifying Browser Type

It just does not matter whether you are using @font-face, type kit or the good of fashioned browser-safe typefaces. The only thing required is to be converted to images as CSS background text image. Moreover, your web design should be able to reflect which elements need rendering from the browser at the same time as well. We follow the best practices placing the size, color hex-value, weight, and font in the place holder copy.

Using the Correct Fonts for Projects

Textual content is the base of the web and your web is of no use and is totally meaningless without it. The typography is the considering factor in any designing system and at the same time, it is the base for connecting ideas between content and a presentation. It is necessary and Indi IT gives it a deserving place in our projects.

It gives a creative expression when it comes to web fonts. It is equally important to know that how your website might appear to others on using screenshots of the web fonts in Photoshop and Fireworks. We are the best with typography and on the other hand, others spend days to show how the typography will perform in the browser and spend so much time in handling hand-crafting HTML prototypes.

Right from the beginning of your project, we believe in designing with the right fonts. Establishing a good vertical rhythm and design in relative units without needing a calculator, so we make it easy to quickly test the font combinations.

We Design Web With Real Content Amazingly

Indi IT believes in designing from the content and with the use of real content we design the website with the visual decorations beautifully. They both, the creative content and design are the base of the website.

At the same time, it can be troublesome to design with the real content too. It is really time-consuming when pasting content from a Word Doc in to Photoshop/Fireworks. It is very difficult and frustrating to keep the content up-to-date during designing the website. Moreover, we believe in creating meaningful content for the designing and then refine the content as we move on with the website designing.

Gradients & Textures

We convey the important factors such as dimension and personality to make the users feel “everything is available at the website” and for that textures and gradients are the essential techniques used in the website.


Texture is the surface quality in visual arts. Every material along with the support surfaces has their own visual texture. It is really instrumental in conveying the personality of the website and you know very well that in website designing, personality is critical and is of great importance as well.

Examples of Texture in Web Designing







A gradient is the blending from one color to another and it helps the designer to almost create a new color easily. Gradient helps in making objects stand out by adding a new dimension to the design and provides realism to the object at the same time as well. It conveys in volumes and that is why it is one of the fundamental methods that is used in designing. Gradients can make the elements beautiful and eye-captivating and they look more three dimensional and seems like they are popping off the screen a bit. We use this technique brilliantly to beautify your website.

Examples of Gradients in Web Designing






Website Designing with Responsiveness

Responsive website designing is an approach that shows that design and development should go together to make an impact and should respond to user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation, etc. We present content in different ways depends upon the capabilities of viewing devices.

Responsive web design confirms that the site is programmed to detect what type of device is getting used and responding at the website. Moreover, responsive web design presents an attractive promise simultaneously as well.

Bringing together a website with its contents and elements to match the screen size on which it is viewed can be called a responsive design. To produce a visual language that will perform well in different states is how it becomes so much important.

Purposeful Website Designing

A purposefully designed website not only focuses on bright colors and complicated graphics but rather it becomes a fine tuned machine that makes your business goals possible. There should not be any random details when it is related to website designing details. You need to be bit attentive during website designing. Moreover, to assist the content and to build a visual conversation with the users you should always apply design elements, highlights, gradients, and careful alignments etc.

Point To Remember:

  • Navigation Bar: To interface elements in a webpage and allowing access to major topics.
  • Buying Product Button: Taking user to purchase the widgets.
  • RSS icon: Taking users to RSS feed.
  • Search Bar: Allowing users to search the website.

A Call to Arms

Indi IT believes in changing the perception of the clients in a positive way. We make the client to think regarding what we can deliver to them and at the same time give credit to them for recognizing our quality that we provide with commitment.

Craftsmanship is our main weapon in our Indi IT armoury and we have got everything to foster website designing in the best possible way. Our designers and developer are artisans who make a beautiful difference by making your web design. We believe in creating quality and we deliver as artisans and we create our craftsmanship perfectly to match what you are thinking in your mind. Indi IT will satisfy you to the largest extent and whatever product we create, we create with the craftsmanship.

Let’s Move On

Indi IT as a developers and designers satisfy the customers to the largest possible extent and with happiness too. We believe in making a happy client. We focus on what matters more in the project and besides this we provide elegant typography, compelling content, and refinement through iteration to our clients with perfection. We strive to craft a beautiful, realistic, and a consistent design with collaborative effort of our professional developing and designing teams.

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