About Us

We build modern experiences for brands with purpose.

Here is the ultimate platform for many globally renowned leading enterprises, SMEs and technological challenges. Through the most effective custom software development, web development, product design, QA, and consultancy services we render the best help to businesses to elevate their value and craft a global branding.

Indi IT comprise of a group of pessimists who loves to challenge our own assumptions and approaches. We also comprise of a group of perfectionists who are unstoppable.

  • Our Work

    From our humble beginning, Indi IT is now touching the height of success. We are now listed among the fastest growing IT consultants providers. We have a team of professionals who can understand your demands and use the right technology to attain your objectives.  

    Don't be afraid of your fears. They're not there to scare you. They're there to let you know that something is worth it.

  • Our Beliefs

    We believe to craft a memorable experience which lays the best foundation to connect with your consumers. We strongly believe that the custom solutions which we create today will transcend the trends of tomorrow and these ranges from dynamic web designs to cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.

    There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

  • Our Values

    Indi IT Solution is more than just a name- It’s a relationship which is built with Trust!  Passion, Responsibility, Team Spirit and Customer-Centricity are the four core values of our company. These four pillars continuously inspire and motivate us to use our heart and mind for showing innovation and creativity in our work.  

    A commitment to innovation and excellence. This is embodied by our "Think Different" motto.

  • Our Ethics

    We believe that with our attractive IT services we can take your business towards the height of success. We believe in deep collaboration so that innovate in a way. Choose us as your technology partner and we will transform your dreams into reality.

    You have a Tale to Tell, irrespective of your products or services. And we form the best agency to Tell!


How Indi IT forms a trademark for innovative IT approaches?


Building with Passion

We form the best network of innovators. For the most intricate client challenges, we devise bold solutions. To design the best-fit solutions which have 97% of our clients ready to recommend us is where our ability to explore new technologies lies on.


Focusing on Performance

We collaborate with you as your best innovative partner. We will not conclude any project if either of us is not 100% happy and satisfied. We are considered as a key strategic technology partner with a client satisfaction rate which is over 98%.

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Dedicating to Success

Our clients stay ahead of the curve we drive in innovations. Indi IT focuses mainly on your immediate requirements and your long-term goals. Our clients, their potential customers and the communities whom they are influencing are the three-fold success on which we strongly believe.

Trusted by brands with purpose

Our Mission Statement

Accelerating the adoption of new technologies, untangling complex issues which are always on the emergence in the era of digital evolution, and orchestrating the ongoing innovations are the platforms to which Indi IT render effective aid to its clients and this is where our mission lies.

At Indi IT, we strive to entail in rapid & innovative technological transformations
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World of Digital Transformations &
Innovative Approaches

Indi IT form the best of thinkers and innovators who move ahead with determination to re-imagine and re-frame the complete digital scenario.

To enforce maximum impact we pride ourselves on delivering the most innovative, digital experiences.

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